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Profurther Magnetics focus on solution provider of magnets

China ferrite magnet factory,motor magnets manufactuer


We know our customer's related country policy, can offer the good communication and help. To provide a quick reliable for customers, we can supply the valuable information such as technical, market trend, include end user product application.


We focus on a strategy of continuous customer-centric innovation. The goal is keeping energy-saving, and environmental protection.




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Profurther Magnetics Co.,ltd. located at Maanshan city- nearby Nanjing, which is a professional manufacturer and exporter of hard ceramic ferrite motor magnets in the application of compressor motors, micro motors, frequency conversion motors, household electric appliance motors, and automobile motors, etc.

With the support of delicated mould tooling of RD team and experienced technical people, the continuous progresses of permanent magnet were made in our company.  We always focus on products quality, package, reasonable price, fast delivery and well tracking service. 

Profurther Magnetics always insisted: Your demand, our professional and prompt, happy cooperation together. We are not only permanent magnets supplier, but also solution provider.





  • Furniture magnet market share

    Furniture magnet market share

    Furniture magnet, widely use in kichen cabinet door(or drawers) for holding.   It is made by plastic shell (or) steel shell and ferrite magnet inside(or neodymium magnet). Plastic shell+ferrite magnet inside, its price will be cheaper, of course iron shell+neodymium magnt, its price will be higher. ...

  • Hot season of water purifier ferrite magnets

    Hot season of water purifier ferrite magnets

    Recently water purifier ferrite magnets is the most welcomed in the application of water purifier with huge demand in India market, especially in the cities of Unnao, Bengaluru,Secunderabad, Hyderabad. different key words with market demand different key words in different countries Each ...

  • Vietnam business trip

    Vietnam business trip

    Profurther Magnetics was visited Vietnam motor exhibition at Hanoi during 10th to 14th April, and 15th-19th in HCM. We found in Vietnam market, customers mostly using Ndfeb material magnets, for ferrite material the most demand is the shape of block and ring. 6x4x1 block Lots of customer ...

  • There has 4 kinds glue to be used in the motor commonly, which one you use?

    There has 4 kinds glue to be used in the motor commonly, which one you use?

    Today let’s introduce several kinds of glue which used for the electric motors. Usually, some motor customers often asking, let’s take a look. 1. Anaerobic adhesive No heating required. 2. Epoxy resin structural glue Belongs to high temperature epoxy, baking at 180° for 5 minutes, can pa ...