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  • Is there a non-friable magnet?

    Is there a non-friable magnet?

    First of all, most of the magnets are easy fragile, not the problem of the quality of magnets. Here we said “most” is because there is still a small part of magnets that are not easy fragile. chip-off and cracks on ferrite magnets   In fact, the magnet is fragile will be depend on i ...

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  • India customer visiting

    India customer visiting

    1st Dec 2017, our new customer from India visited us.  They are mainly care about the tile shape magnet flux is low and caused motors running speed problem, of course quality and delivery are also the troubles they had.     We showed our lab room to inspect magnet’s grade, and our QA will test ...

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  • How to protect ferrite magnet in correct packing when shipping?

    How to protect ferrite magnet in correct packing when shipping?

    We are specialize in ferrite magnet industry for more than 4 years. And we received the complains from our customers are most about magnets package,whatever from email or telephone. We am always would like to know how to packing to our competitors,so visited some other manufacturers. Most of manufac ...

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    Mixes of metal oxide powders and various binding agents are placed into a mold, heated, and squeezed until the ceramic is created. This process is called sintering. If the ferrite is to be made into a magnet, the hot ferrite may be magnetized so that when it cools, the magnetism is retained. Ferrite ...

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  • Characteristics of Ferrite Magnets

    Characteristics of Ferrite Magnets

    Ferrite permanent magnets have good machining properties which allows them to be cut into different shapes and sizes – they are cut with diamond tooling. Ferrite magnets are made by wet or dry pressing and sometimes by extrusion. Wet pressing gives stronger magnetic properties (e.g. Ferrite C8 ...

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