drainage pump rotors with high precision shaft for washing machine pump motor

Material: ferrite, ceramic

Manufacturing technology:  Dry Anistropic, Sintered

Orientation: Radial

Shape: ring

Size: customized

Certification: ISO/TS16949, RoHs

Application: Household appliance, automotive motors, aquarium pump

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Material Br Hcb Hcj BH(max)
mT KGs KA/m KOe KA/m KOe KJ/m3 MGOe
PFM-1 370-400 3.7-4.0 205-240 2.38-3.02 210-255 2.77-3.21 25.0-29.0 3.1-3.7
PFM-2 380-410 3.8-4.1 220-270 2.80-3.39 230-290 3.15-3.65 27.0-32.5 3.4-4.1
Parameter symbol unit value remark
Recoil permeability μrce 1.05-1.3
Curie temperature Tc °C 460
Temperature coefficient of Br αBr °C-1 -0.2% 0-100°C
Temperature coefficient of Hcj αHcj °C-1 0.2%-0.5% 0-100°C
Density D g/cm3 4.5-5.1
electrical resistivity ρ Ωcm ≥104
Linear expansion coefficient αR °C-1 7-15×10-6
Hardness HV 480-580
Regular Size:
Φ13×20 Shaft Φ2.5 x 52
Φ13 x 25 Shaft Φ2.5 x 58
Φ15 x 25 Shaft Φ2.5 x 58
Φ19×20 Shaft Φ3.5×59.5
Φ19×25 Shaft Φ3.5×70
Φ19×30 Shaft Φ 3.5x 67/67.9/76/77/82
Φ19×32.5 Shaft Φ3.5×77/84.5
Φ19×35 Shaft Φ3.5×79/89.5
Φ19×45 Shaft Φ3.5×94.7/95/98.8/101/104.5
Φ19.3×35 Shaft Φ3.5×7
Φ21.2×46.5 Shaft Φ5×97.8
Φ23×30 Shaft Φ5×76.4
Φ35×25 Shaft Φ5×118
Remark: Φ12 series surface magnetism ≥1300GS

Φ13~15 series surface magnetism ≥1450GS

Φ16~18series surface magnetism ≥1500GS

Φ19 and above this size series surface magnetism ≥1550GS


inner packing for ferrite arc magnet

outside packing for ferrite arc magnet