How to protect ferrite magnet in correct packing when shipping?

We are specialize in ferrite magnet industry for more than 4 years. And we received the complains from our customers are most about magnets package,whatever from email or telephone.

We am always would like to know how to packing to our competitors,so visited some other manufacturers. Most of manufacturers are same,just normal packing,that is make 10pcs or 20pcs in one line use a paper wrapped,some factory even without any paper,just make magnets in a carton one by one. And asked them why in this way packing? The answers is low-cost,and easy packing for a worker. We asked them again:If in this way,that will make magnet cracks or chip-off because it is easy to knocking against between each magnet during transportation.The answer is: Price is too low.

So supplier did not consider the troubles if customer received the goods.If there is crack magnets,customers need more times to select the bad magnet one by one,and need to pay money to workers additional. Maybe customer’s production plan or sales plan will be delayed also. Sometimes,less paying means costing more.

And for supplier there is also some losses,because need to bear the additional selecting-cost for customer,and re-produce the missed quantities.So this is not good a deal for both.

Focus on this point,Profurther Magnetics did a new packing design,and delivered goods to one of Indian customer,and got a good comments on it. Attached a picture for checking,and welcome for more and more suggestions to us for better improve.




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