ferrite magnet

  • Profurther Magnetics can make various kind of arc/tile/segment shape ferrite magnets as following:

motor magnets,hard ferrite

shape A

Segment Motor Magnet

shape B

permanent magnet ac motor

shape C

refrigerator magnets

shape D

  • Residual induction is from 3400 to 4600 Gauss
  • coercive value from 210 to 450 KA / m
  • product of energy from 2.6 to 5 MGOe
  • molding process allows to orient the powder. The process can be done with dry or wet.
  • the grinding process grant low tolerances + / – 0.1 and a perfect geometry of magnet.
  • Radially Magnetized (as below):

motor magnets magnetised  magnetic engine

Magnet Properties