Furniture magnet market share

magnet doorFurniture magnet, widely use in kichen cabinet door(or drawers) for holding.   It is made by plastic shell (or) steel shell and ferrite magnet inside(or neodymium magnet).

Plastic shell+ferrite magnet inside, its price will be cheaper, of course iron shell+neodymium magnt, its price will be higher. It depend on different customer demand. 

Raw material of ferrite magnet is strontium powder, injected into wet press for forming, during this pressing process, a magnetic field is applied in the direction of preferred magnetization to orient the material and increase the magnet’s performance potential,  shape can be made in discs, rings, blocks, cylinders, and sometimes arcs for motors. 

According to dimension tolearance request,  if tolerance big, usually use mould tooling for pressing to get, then its price will be cheap,  of course if request tolerance small, the better to use cutting workmanship to get, but its price will be higher, generally this is most for block shape. 

For neodymium magnet(neodymium iron boron) which most widely used type of rare-earth magnet, granularity at 4um around. This material production workmanship no need to use mould tooling to get each shape, molybdenum wire cutting is enough. 

Recent years, furniture magnets are increasing in east south asia countries,each year Jan is its sourcing peak value.

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