hard ferrite magnet multipole ring for motors

Material: ferrite, ceramic

Manufacturing technology:  Dry Anistropic, Sintered

Orientation: Radial

Shape: ring

Size: customized

Certification: ISO/TS16949, RoHs

Application: Household appliance, automotive motors, electric tools

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Material Br Hcb Hcj BH(max)
Gs Oe Oe MGOe
FB5 3950 3000 3200 3.7
FB6 4100 3400 3500 4.0
Magnetic parameters acc. to manufacturer units min. typical max.
Temperature-coefficient of Br %/K   -0.2  
Temperature-coefficient of HcJ %/K   0.15  
Magnetization field strength Hmag (at 100% saturation) kA/m 1700 2100  
Curie-temperature °C   460  
Magnetic flux at 23°C (rotor with shaft) µVs 45,5   50
Density g/cm³   4.9  
Water pressure compression test in the inner hole required force until magnet cracks > 10 MPa
Storage temperature °C -40   90
Operating temperature range °C -40   120
Chemical composition lead free
Declaration of conformity RoHS-conform
Surface treatment / protection parts without oil and grease,
Delivery status unmagnetized


inner packing for ferrite arc magnet

outside packing for ferrite arc magnet