How many types for motor magnets?

Here motor we said is DC motor, because AC motor do not use magnets.

There are 4 types of magnets to use at the application of motor:

  • Ndfeb magnet in arc shape

Magnetic is strong, the size of the motor can be smaller while maintaining the same power, and the starting                        current also can be smaller, avoid motor stopping rotation.

  • Ferrite magnet in arc shapeLower price, has higher magnetic permeability (μ), high temperature resistance, not easy to demagnetize, these advantage make ferrite magnet has more using percentage in the motor application.
  • Bonded Ndfeb in arc shapeMaterial is bonded Ndfeb, this kind of shape of this material is very few to be asked for us.
  • Smco in arc shapeThis material magnets also is very few to be asked for us.

    neodynium magnets,strong magnets

    Ndfeb arc

    motor magnets

    ferrite arc

    motor magnets

    bonded Ndfeb arc

    rare earth magnets

    Smco arc




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