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multi-polar | China ferrite magnet factory,motor magnets manufactuer

multi-polar ring magnet

Pump rotor magnet,Exhaust fan fanner

4 polar

Pump rotor,Home appliances motors

6 polar

Air conditions motors,Hybrid automobiles

8 polar

Air conditions motor,Automotive oil pump motor

12 polar

  • The radial magnet multi-pole rings has formed from 10 to 60mm in diameter
  • The surface magnetic performance from 1200~2200 gauss
  • Dry-pressing isotropic magnet ring
  • Magnetic Properties (as below)
Material Br Hcb Hcj BH(max)
Gs Oe Oe MGOe
FB5 3950 3000 3200 3.7
FB6 4100 3400 3500 4.0