Is there a non-friable magnet?

First of all, most of the magnets are easy fragile, not the problem of the quality of magnets. Here we said “most” is because there is still a small part of magnets that are not easy fragile.

sintered wet anistropic ferrite magnet

chip-off and cracks on ferrite magnets


In fact, the magnet is fragile will be depend on its shape and thickness, and the attraction force of ferrite magnets is not very strong, adsorption to iron objects or magnets knocking against each other, and their impact force is much less than strong magnets, then magnets also not easy easily broken or damaged. Of course, when ferrite magnets thickness is 1mm, or thinner, it is definitely easy to break.

What’s more, about sintered NdFeb magnet material which has the strongest magnetic force, this material of magnet is known for its strong magnetic force and used in many applications, but It is also easy for fragile. When 2 pcs strong magnets attracts each other, they will be broken, the one of thicker magnets will be chip-off, the thinner one will be cracks from the middle position of magnet.

strongest powerful Ndfeb magnets

Ndfeb permanent magnets

Smco, the second most powerful magnet today which has a higher BH(max), higher Hcj, but also easy broken and cracks. The maximum working temperature is up to 350°C., negative temperature is not limited. When the working temperature is above 180°C, the temperature stability and chemical stability are higher than NdFeB magnets.

rare earth samarium cobalt magnets

SmCo permanent magnets

Above several kinds of material are all belong to the sintering process, which are using in a wide range of materials. In addition, there are also has other types of materials which used in the motors. They are:

  • Bonded neodymium iron boron is also fragile, but it is not thick, about 1mm, in case it dropped to the ground means scrapped.
  • Injection molded magnets, it belongs to injection molding process, composition contains nylon. Therefore, injection molding magnets is not so easy to break from mechanical properties.
    plastic injection molding magnets

    injection molding magnets

    super strong bonded magnets

    Bonded Ndfeb



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