There has 4 kinds glue to be used in the motor commonly, which one you use?

Today let’s introduce several kinds of glue which used for the electric motors. Usually, some motor customers often asking, let’s take a look.

1. Anaerobic adhesive

No heating required.

2. Epoxy resin structural glue

Belongs to high temperature epoxy, baking at 180° for 5 minutes, can pass 85 degrees high temperature and 85% humidity test.

3. Acrylic structural adhesive

Acrylic structural adhesive use for bonding rigid materials, such as make ferrite magnet sticking to the electroplated metal parts or speaker parts of the motor, also suitable for motor magnets bonding.

4. Loctite 392 adhesive

Solidify speed: initial cure -60 seconds, fully cure -24 hours. Suitable for assembly of DC motors, and also suitable for bonding of magnets and bonding of precoated metal sheets.

If you only focus on the fastness of bonding, choose epoxy resin, both single and double components are all good.
If you are not only the request of bonding fastness but also want the appearance nice, then choose anaerobic adhesive. Now the fastness of the shadowless adhesive which used for ceramic bonding also reached a very higher strength, although it is not more better than epoxy glue.



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