What the difference between flated ring magnet and rounded ring magnet?

Flated ring means ring magnet’s surface is flat, whatever front side or back side all of them are flat. Flated ring magnet is rarely to be used in the market. But some of customers has its request because it will be easily for their assembly.

Rounded ring means ring magnet’s surface is rounded, it looks like something protruding. This kind of ring magnet is easily for technical manufacturing, and also convenience for ring magnet winding. The important the pricing also competitive in the market, most of customers are often use rounded ring magnet.

Difference between both:

The characteristics of  #flatedringmagnet is more better than rounded ring magnet. Because rounded ring magnet can save more raw matrial cost,then pricing will be lower than flated ring magnet. For flated ring magnet’s manufacturing cost is more than rounded ring magnet, but flated ring magnet has good characteristics than rounded ring magnet.  Another difference is the tooling is difference between both because the shape is different between them.

In short, it is the key to help customers solve the interference problem of electronic products, what kinds of shape is not important.

flat multi-polar ring magnet,ring magnet

flated ring ferrite magnet with multi-polar

multi-polar ring ferrite magnets

rounded ring ferrite magnet with multi-polar





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