Where to buy existing ferrite magnets in arc shape?

A complete permanent magnet motor, the purchase of magnets is very important. But where we can get the existing ferrite magnet in arc shape?

perpetual magnetic motor

As you know, there are mainly two kinds of material magnet used in motors, they are NdFeB in arc shape and ferrite in arc shape. But there is no mould tooling requirement for NdFeB magnets, and each customer needs different specifications and performance, therefore, NdFeB magnets cannot find existing stocks.

But how about ferrite magnets in arc shape?  Because ferrite material have to be made depend on mould tooling during production process, and lead time needs longer than NdFeb, the important is tooling cost is higher (USD 2400/set) for ferrite material. So lots of motor manufacturers would like to consider similar sizes/specifications or existing stocks which exact same sizes magnets to save more cost.

If you are looking for existing magnets, ferrite magnets is the mainly. Some customers often to visit us and ask if have the same one.  Profurther Magneitcs supplying various types of permanent ferrite magnets in arc shape for the application of electrical motors、household appliances, and we have a large number of existing tooling, of course have regular ferrites are in common use for different customers.



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